Boy, Sen. Grassley was really on to something when he said the History Channel was going to hell in a handbasket:

Is that supposed to be a trick question?

$2 bill

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

$2 bill

Call us crazy, but that looks suspiciously like Thomas Jefferson.

In other words, History, none of the above.

For the record, John Adams does appear on the back of the $2 bill. Unfortunately, John Adams and John Quincy Adams are not the same person.

Maybe not History’s finest hour, but at least it’s got people talking.

Thanks for the giggles, History!





Took a while, but History finally wised up to its mistake and gave it another shot:

Good for them. But while the original “Common Core” version has been deleted from History’s feed, it remains preserved here on Twitchy, for ourselves and our posterity.