The recent deaths of three storm chasers amused Ralphie May, but Congress’ failure to pass a bill raising the minimum wage? That’s the real tragedy. One look at the above graphic was all it took to send May into a rage-fueled rant against greedy “millionaires” who want to keep the working man down:

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.16.51 AM


May’s full tweet, via TwitLonger:

Ya Dave I wasn’t raised white trash and in the South. Im from Arkansas stupid. That makes me an expert in both. OH ya Im an employer and none of my employees has ever made min wage. Keep your dumb fucking opinions to yourself. Everyone should be fighting for higher wages and the end of racism. RT @RealDaveMasters: @JohnFugelsang @Ralphie_May Two guys that know nothing about min wage or racism. Sad so called celebrities.

In May’s eyes, the fight for a higher minimum wage is a righteous one. Kinda like the fight against racism:

And May has not yet begun to fight:

He’s already lost the battle of common sense.



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