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On this afternoon’s edition of “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper led a discussion about Sean Hannity’s rightful condemnation of Cliven Bundy’s ignorance and “beyond repugnant” diminishment of the atrocity of slavery. Tapper asked CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter if the media, as Hannity suggested, have a double standard when it comes to covering political stories. This was part of Stelter’s response:

Let’s have a listen:

Stelter is also the host of “Reliable Sources.” And no, the irony does not escape us.

MSNBC doesn’t dwell endlessly on stories? Could’ve fooled us.

Here’s Stelter’s explanation for MSNBC’s obsession with “Bridgegate,” by the way:

You know what, Brian? Kermit Gosnell was arguably a bigger story than Bridgegate or Bundy, but MSNBC wouldn’t touch that one with a ten-foot pole. So maybe you’re not such a great authority on what is and isn’t newsworthy.