Huy Fong Foods, which manufacturers deliciously spicy Sriracha hot sauce, may soon be forced to pack its bags and leave its current home of Irwindale, California:

For months, the City of Irwindale has been harassing the company … in regards to spicy odor complaints.  Now the city may take unilateral action against the company owned by David Tran, creator of the popular hot sauce.  After designating the company as a public nuisance, the city may now enter the factory and force installation of smell-mitigating technology if changes deemed appropriate by the city are not installed within 90 days according to a report in the Los Angeles Times. Tran told the Times he fears the city will reject any solution he proposes and he is therefore considering relocating the operations to Texas.

As Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sees it, though, the loss would be all California’s:

Guess everything’s bigger in Texas — including the welcome mat!

Time for California to update its state motto?



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