Editor’s note: The original title of this post was “‘Damned lunatic’: Brainless Joe Biden tells survivors that Boston bombing ‘was worth it’ .” We believe Vice President Biden was trying to convey to survivors that he was “honored to be asked back” and that being there “was worth it just to hear” their inspiring words. While his remarks were clumsily phrased, the gaffe-prone vice president did not intend to tell survivors the bombing was “worth it.” We have amended the title to make that clear and apologize for the confusion. Please watch the video in this post for context.

No. No no no. He wouldn’t’ve. He couldn’t’ve!

Except he totally did:

How do you solve a problem like Joe Biden? Start by taking away his microphone (see 0:40 mark):

What. The. Hell.


The list is getting longer every day.

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