Stop laughing, you guys. He’s serious!

Mike O’Brien is shocked — shocked! — that after all these years, there are still people interested in what Hillary Clinton has done in her life. Who’d’a thunk, right? Last night, The Washington Free Beacon published an article detailing Clinton pollsters’ report suggesting that Hillary is vengeful and “ruthless,” among other things. O’Brien doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, and if you disagree with him, you’re nothing but a troll:

So Mike was merely trying to make a suggestion? Oh, puh-leeze. He can spin until he’s blue in the face. The fact remains that he’s a bona fide Clinton lapdog, plain and simple.

Because “journalism” has turned into just another word for “lib sycophancy.”

That’s it!

That’s what we thought.

Those were the days. Now, we’re stuck with this:

Just sad.