Ah, Twitter … bringing people together.

“Twilight” actress Rachelle Lefevre, who is Canadian, recently shared her disgust with the U.S. government shutdown:

She also retweeted a link to a Slate post blaming the shutdown on the GOP:

We know full-well that this shutdown belongs to petulant Dems like President Obama and Harry Reid. But we have to bear in mind that Lefevre is approaching the issue at a major political disadvantage:

And, well, proud socialists have been known to get their facts wrong. This tweeter decided to set her straight:

Lefevre, unlike a lot of her leftist colleagues, was willing to engage:

Common ground:




Indeed. Kudos to Ms. Lefevre for being so open to debate. Though we believe she’s wrong, we can appreciate her taking the time to engage in genuine civil discourse. Liberals could learn from her.

Amen to that.