That’s our Sally!

Harry Reid’s been leading the charge to shut down the government, yet he continues to insist that the culpability lies with the “anarchists” in the GOP. Sally Kohn’s taking the delusion a step further:

Oh, the stupidity!

That’s pretty bad, but it actually gets worse:

Citizens United, you guys! Amazing. Is there any injustice for which Citizens United isn’t responsible?

Yeah, that’s what we thought, too. As the White House famously reminded us earlier this year, Obamacare is The Law. And we’d better learn to like it.

But Sally wouldn’t dare question The Law, would she? As a matter of fact:

Ah, of course. Goodness knows the GOP hasn’t tried to use “normal Democratic processes” to fight Obamacare, only to be met with petulance and threats from the likes of Obama and Harry Reid.

Hmmm … stomping feet and throwing tantrums? That sounds an awful lot like the Dems’ strategy.

Don’t worry, Sally. We’ll be here to hold you to account for your childish behavior. It’s a busy job, but somebody’s gotta do it.



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