If ignorance is bliss, the Obama administration must be on cloud nine.

If today’s Jay Carney is to be taken at his word, somehow, Barack Obama and friends have managed to run the country for the past four-plus years without having the slightest clue as to what’s going on. During today’s press briefing, Carney repeatedly — and miserably, by the way — attempted to deflect probing questions by insisting that the president just doesn’t know enough about brewing scandals to comment.


Terrorist attacks on Americans in Benghazi? That can’t be right! IRS going after conservative groups? The devil, you say! Justice Department secretly obtaining reporters’ phone records? Whatchu talkin’ ’bout?

It truly is amazing how an outfit headed by the smartest president evah is so stunningly unaware. Citizens can’t help but take notice:

Uh …

Indeed. “A political circus.”

Well, that is Obama’s favorite way of finding out what’s happening right under his nose.

Does the Obama White House know anything?


So, what purpose does this administration serve? Whatever you do, don’t ask Carney:



While Carney dodges reporters’ questions, tweeters list things Jay Carney DOES know