According to the Denver Post, State Senator Rollie Heath plans to kill a bill, H.B. 1226, that would ban concealed carry on college campuses. Heath, a Democrat, is the bill’s sponsor.

However, based on other outlets’ reports, the Post’s assertion cannot be confirmed:

And the Colorado Senate Democrats insist the bill is still in play:

Nevertheless, it appears that H.R. 1226 ultimately doesn’t stand much of a chance:

Let’s hope so!

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Colorado House Democrat Claire Levy doesn’t seem to have much hope for the bill’s survival:



The Denver Post has just posted an update to its initial report:


House Bill 13-1226 is effectively dead, according to Students for Concealed Carry.


Students for Concealed Carry is pleased to report that Senator Rollie Heath has tabled Colorado House Bill 13-1226 until two days after the end of the legislative session, effectively killing this misguided legislation that would have stripped students of their right to self-defense by banning concealed carry on college campuses.