The New York Democrat — who allegedly had shady dealings with Hugo Chavez — will be part of a small U.S. delegation being sent to Venezuela to attend the deceased despot’s funeral. Meeks’ office has released a statement:

 “I am honored to be a part of a delegation that will represent the United States at the Funeral of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday, March 8.  I will be joined on this delegation by former U.S. Representative William Delahunt, and U.S. Embassy Caracas Chargé d’Affaires James Derham.

“My deepest sympathies go out to the family of President Chavez and the people of Venezuela.  Venezuela is an important nation to the Western Hemisphere.  I remain committed to building the relationship between our nations.  As always, I stand in continued support of the Venezuelan people especially at this time of mourning.”

“Honored”? Sickening.