Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi’s office released a very nice photo of female House Democrats. The photo was meant to illustrate the diversely diverse diversity of the Democratic Party:

Just one minor problem: the photo had been doctored.

Not a bad idea. See, the four women in the top row weren’t actually present when the group photo was taken; they arrived late to the party (you can view an original version of the photo here) and were added via Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.40.30 AM

Nancy just couldn’t bear the thought of shortchanging us on women of color!


When asked about the photo, Pelosi defended the move:

Pelosi told a news conference Friday the picture was an accurate historical record of the female lawmakers from her party. She also said it was freezing outside, and that the members were entertaining guests on the day they were sworn in for the 113th Congress.

See? It was just cold! Or something.

Look, Nancy. We know the Democrats have diversity issues, but this isn’t the way to fix them.



Wow. Nancy’s Photoshoppers are a talented bunch! Take a gander at the interlopers who tried and failed to get in on the fun: