President Obama is safely back in his grass skirt in Hawaii, but back here on the mainland, all is not well. In addition to dealing with escalating taxes, Hurricane Sandy victims bear the additional burden of being hung out to dry by the man who pledged to help them. Only a man with a warped conscience could jet off on vacation while his country is in turmoil, but then, Barack Obama’s never been one to let conscience get in the way.

That dismissive attitude isn’t flying with Sandy victim Scott McGrath. This afternoon on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” he took President Obama on a much-needed trip to the woodshed:


Viewers rallied behind McGrath:

Exactly. Money allotted for Alaskan fisheries and new Amtrak lines does absolutely nothing to help the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Kudos to Mr. McGrath for having the guts to give Obama the verbal body slam he so richly deserves.