Awww … Piers Morgan must be beaming right now. After railing yesterday against deadly House Republicans and that antiquated Second Amendment, Midler is doubling down on the derpitude. Just like gutless ghoul Musket Morgan, the asinine Miss M. insists that the Founding Fathers were only thinking about muskets when they wrote the Constitution; therefore, we need to ban all other types of firearms. And, just like Morgan, she’s still lambasting the NRA and blaming everyone but the person who pulls the trigger.

Since when is the NRA responsible for how a state spends on mental illness?

Here’s a pretty good indicator that the answer is no:

Freedom from fear? Oh, please. Not only does Ms. Midler fail to grasp that the Second Amendment allows people in fear to defend themselves, but she doesn’t seem to understand that fear is a response to perceived danger. It’s the refusal to acknowledge danger that’s truly life-threatening.

Now that’s scary. But it’s exactly what Midler wants.

Frustrated Twitterers tried to set her straight:

It certainly hasn’t.

That’s just it — it doesn’t. But Midler doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she’s ready to march:

Wonder if she’ll take along a bodyguard.

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