Manzano, who for decades portrayed Maria on “Sesame Street,” apparently doesn’t want anyone to tell her how to get to Israel. After last week’s U.N. decision to award Palestine nonmember observer status, Israel vowed to build 3,000 new settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Manzano, taking a hateful page from Hillary Clinton’s playbook, took to Twitter to lash out at Israel for daring to defend its existence:

So, Israel’s choice to defend itself rather than capitulate to the U.N. and Hamas is akin to “tormenting” its enemies? Please.

Manzano has appeared in “Shalom Sesame,” a series in which “Sesame Street” muppets visit Israel and learn about Jewish culture. We assume she’ll be sending back any royalties she’s earned.

(Hat tip: @Rendal49)