Cable news commentator Eltahawy, who vandalized an anti-jihad poster in a New York City subway station this past September, was in court today to face charges of criminal mischief and graffiti. The self-proclaimed “proud savage” took to Twitter to share her experience, tossing in a bit of race-baiting for good measure:

Evidently, being held accountable for your crimes is racist.

Awww … isn’t that special!

Actually, she did.

Eltahawy was offered a deal — two days of community service — if she plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

Eltahawy shot down the plea offer to fight the charges on political grounds.

“I acted out of principle and I believe what I did was right,” Eltahawy said Thursday, adding she “went out of my way to avoid (Hall).”

Attorney Stanley Cohen said his client was acting out of necessity when she tried to erase hateful speech from public view. In fact, Eltahawy and could have potentially “diffused” a negative political reaction, he said.

Ah, so her anti-free-speech vandalism was actually a community service in and of itself?

How charming. And oh-so-professional!

Eltahawy also took the time to mock Pamela Hall, the woman who had been spray-painted while trying to defend the poster:

Very mature.



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