Keith Trollbermann is at it again. Today, he went after Mitt Romney for — gasp! — his failure to get worked up over the NFL referee controversy. Can you believe it? The nerve! After all, President Obama has weighed in on the fiasco on multiple occasions. And earlier today, the Lightbringer was even credited with ending the lockout! Is there anything he can’t do?

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, who, unlike Olbermann, was never axed from NFL coverage, hasn’t expressed much interest in the latest sports news. And, well, that just really sticks in Keith’s craw:

One Twitter user had the temerity to call Olbermann out for his warped priorities:

Naturally, Keith responded with his trademark civility:

Out: Reasoned debate. In: Foot-stomping. We always knew Keith was ahead of the curve.

So, what have we learned? While Obama’s too busy worrying about football to address important issues, Mitt Romney is too busy worrying about important issues to address football. Gee, Romney sure is a crappy leader, isn’t he?



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