Well, this is interesting. Apparently, Nickelodeon prides itself on its kid-friendly reputation, and it takes its employees’ social media presence very seriously:

Talent managers and casting agents say Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network often monitor posts by cast members on [social media] sites for messages that might harm their shows’ prospects with fickle youthful viewers.

The networks order them to take down posts that might reveal too much about characters, plot twists, casting or comments that might offend advertisers. (emphasis Twitchy’s)


“We expect our talent to exercise discretion in all aspects of their lives,” said Nickelodeon spokesman George Cabico.

Is that so? Funny, then, that Nickelodeon has thus far exercised no discretion of its own when it comes to Jason Biggs. Biggs, voice of Leonardo in Nick’s upcoming “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” reboot, recently sent out absolutely disgusting tweets about Paul Ryan, Janna Ryan, and Ann Romney, and he has a history of spewing filth via Twitter. Yet Nickelodeon hasn’t asked Biggs to take down “comments that might offend advertisers.” Or parents. Or the children themselves. In fact, Nickelodeon has actively promoted Biggs on Twitter.

Gee, for a company that’s so concerned about its reputation, Nickelodeon sure does take a crappy approach to positive branding.