This is vile:

Via the Media Research Center:

The polling on the governor’s race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett is close, but the numbers between Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and her opponent, Mahlon Mitchell are even closer.

In fairness, some one the left have noted that Kleefisch’s advocacy on colo-rectal cancer issues since her diagnosis in 2010, which has been critical to increasing awareness of the disease. According to the liberal Cap Times: “We certainly have our differences with Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. But we recognize that she has stepped up as an outspoken advocate for colon-cancer survivors — and for Wisconsinites who might be at risk.”

We patiently await the decriers of the “war on women” to condemn this brand of rhetoric emanating from their own rank and file — though we understand that may warrant extra patience.

#WaronWomen? What #WaronWomen?

Step away, folks. Nothing to see here.