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Science is settled: Graph shows once and for all that 'Republicans have become the anti-science party'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

"Why do Republicans and conservatives hate science?" That's a question we've been hearing for a couple of decades now, but it really became common during the COVID era and post-COVID era. 

It was bad enough that the Right refused to place all of the blame for climate change on humanity. But when COVID came along and the Right starting asking questions about the origins of the virus and the effectiveness of COVID vaccines that had been developed very quickly and without time to provide for long-term monitoring of effects and efficacy, that's when the Left got really angry.

So you can imagine the sense of moral and scientific superiority that Democrats and liberals would experience upon seeing a graph like this one:

Are Republicans really "the anti-science party," with Democrats "stridently pro," though? 

But there is also quite a bit of evidence that Republicans have reasons to be skeptical on the "science" of climate change and COVID vaccines. And in the case of COVID vaccines, they have evidence of a very personal nature: getting vaccinated and boosted against COVID has not prevented them from being infected with the virus and/or spreading it to others. Sounds like those Republicans actually have a pretty solid foundation for their skepticism. Couple that with Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky's, um, evolving positions and blatant love for power over the public and Democrats' politicization of COVID and you've got yourself evidence that Following the Science may not have actually been about following science at all.

That's a great example of "science" being weaponized for purposes of control over the masses.

Can't fault them for being skeptical, you know?

It's the real question, and it's a really important one.

"Science" has definitely come to mean "things Democrats like and favor." And that's not what "science" is supposed to be about.

By the way, something worth noting about John Burn-Murdoch, who posted the graph ...

So we probably shouldn't be looking to John for the most thoughtful interpretation of available data. We probably shouldn't look to liberals or Democrats in general.


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