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Trans woman mansplains to actual women that 'you don't own periods, you don't own womanhood'


Let's talk about sex, baby.

No, not that kind of sex. Get your minds out of the gutter! Let's talk about biological sex. And about why biological sex matters and is so important and, and why it ultimately means a lot more than "gender."


A lot of radical trans activists and their allies seem to be under the impression that their chosen gender decides what sex they are. If you are biologically male but choose to live as a woman, then you're a woman. And you know as well as any biological woman what it's like to be a woman.

That may fly in radical social circles, but in science-based circles, it crashes and bursts into flames all Hindenburg-like. That's why we as well as anyone in the scientific community who values actual science over wokeness can't assign any credibility to or even politely indulge someone like this trans woman trying to shame actual women over what empirically belongs to them and only to them:

As much as womanhood and periods can be things that are owned, women definitely own them. Biological men can try to take ownership if they really want to — we're honestly not sure why men would want to deal with periods — but they can't. Ever. They can buy all the tampons they can get their hands on; still won't give them a period. They can try to get their nonexistent eggs fertilized from sunup to sundown; they can never get pregnant. They can strut their stuff on social media and on the town while they cosplay as caricatures of women; they can never be women.


Men and women are not the same. They will never be the same. And that's OK. It's even — dare we say it? — a good thing.

Men can try to sympathize with what women go through with the parts of their bodies that are exclusive to women, but they can never truly understand what it's like. And they sure as hell can't appropriate it for themselves.

So Little Miss Mister can take his balls and go home and come back and talk to us when he decides to wake up, grow up, and stop trying to erase women in order to make himself feel special.


Our thoughts exactly. 


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