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No, AP, your new scoop on Sonia Sotomayor doesn't absolve MSM of partisan hits on conservative justices

If you've been paying any attention to the mainstream media's coverage of the conservative Supreme Court Justices, you may have noticed a pattern. OK, you have definitely noticed a pattern. Our media don't like the conservative Supreme Court Justices. In fact, in at least some cases, you could go so far as to say our mainstream media actively loathe our Supreme Court Justices.


Aside from the whole fueling-the-flames-of-violence-against-SCOTUS-Justices-over-decisions-we-don't-like thing that they've been doing for a while, they've also dialed up their let's-try-to-dig-up-dirt-on-Samuel-Alito-and-Clarence-Thomas-even-though-they-didn't-actually-violate-any-laws-or-Supreme-Court-ethics-rules-and-there's-not-actually-any-dirt-to-be-dug-up-from-that-hole thing relatively recently.

Just yesterday, the New York Times published yet another career/character assassination attempt on Clarence Thomas:

To answer your question, no, they do not have anything better to do with their time. Unless, of course, you're thinking of journalism, but they really don't like to do journalism.

Which is why you're not likely to see CNN or MSNBC or many written media outlets do wall-to-wall coverage for days on Justice Sonia Sotomayor's alleged personal enrichment scheme:


Gasp! More from the AP:

Sotomayor’s staff has often prodded public institutions that have hosted the justice to buy her memoir or children’s books, works that have earned her at least $3.7 million since she joined the court in 2009. Details of those events, largely out of public view, were obtained by The Associated Press through more than 100 open records requests to public institutions. The resulting tens of thousands of pages of documents offer a rare look at Sotomayor and her fellow justices beyond their official duties.

In her case, the documents reveal repeated examples of taxpayer-funded court staff performing tasks for the justice’s book ventures, which workers in other branches of government are barred from doing. But when it comes to promoting her literary career, Sotomayor is free to do what other government officials cannot because the Supreme Court does not have a formal code of conduct, leaving the nine justices to largely write and enforce their own rules.

“This is one of the most basic tenets of ethics laws that protects taxpayer dollars from misuse,” said Kedric Payne, a former deputy chief counsel at the Office of Congressional Ethics and current general counsel for the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan government watchdog group in Washington. “The problem at the Supreme Court is there’s no one there to say whether this is wrong.”


Uh-oh! You know what has to happen now, right? Sonia Sotomayor must resign and prostrate herself before the American people for her sins and then retire to a cave in the wilderness somewhere so she can never again be a part of polite society. That's how this is supposed to work, right? That's what Democrats and liberals said Justices Thomas and Alito had to do!

It's the only way forward! 

Thank God we found out about this now. If there's one thing Democrats and liberals can't stand, it's corruption by Democrats and liberals in powerful positions.

Or maybe they can stand it OK and what they can't stand is the rare occasion when a reliably liberally biased media outlet reports on someone like Sonia Sotomayor in a light that could be seen as even mildly unfavorable.

It's "both sides"-ism when your side finally looks bad for a change. These people are nothing if not predictable.


The AP is in the hot seat now for accurately reporting on something that's been going on and makes a liberal justice look kinda bad, and that's what makes the AP illegitimate. Not the fawning coverage of Zooey Zephyr, but the Sotomayor thing. Amazing.

And what makes this even more amazing is that the people who are pissed off at the AP over this story should actually be thanking the AP right now. Because in doing this story, now the AP — and other major media outlets — can pretend that they've covered the Supreme Court Justices fairly. See? We reported something negative about Sonia Sotomayor! We're not biased!

Because they were totally partisan. And if the AP thinks that their scoop on Sotomayor negates that, they're deeply mistaken. To borrow from a now-famous line, Sonia Sotomayor could probably shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and the MSM would still support her.


It really looks like the AP took one for the team here.


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