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Seeing Nazi flags makes Minnesota Dem Rep. Dean Phillips wish America could be more like Germany

Let's get one thing out of the way right now, even though at this point it really shouldn't have to be said: Nazism was reprehensible and everything it represented was reprehensible. The exact same thing goes for neo-Nazism. If you see someone proudly waving a Nazi flag, it's completely normal and moral to be overwhelmed by feelings of disgust and revulsion and even fear.


All that said, if you see someone proudly waving a Nazi flag in Georgia, your first thought should not be: "Hey, you know what would stop freaks from waving Nazi flags around? Being more like Germany." But that was the first thought of Minnesota Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips:

It's great that Germany is still so committed to rejecting Nazism nearly 80 years after World War II ended. But should people with Nazi flags really get prison time in this country just for having Nazi flags? Doesn't that kind of violate some kind of constitutional amendment? Like the very first one?

Except it sure as heck sounded like that was exactly the argument Phillips was making. That tweet was just him trying to backpedal after being called out by people who, unlike him, didn't forget that the First Amendment protects even Nazi-loving, Holocaust-denying cretins. Today, Phillips is actually still taking the beating that began shortly after his initial scorching-hot take.


Here's just a small sample of the tweets setting him straight:


That's right, Dean. The First Amendment has also enshrined the right of your rabidly antisemitic Democratic colleagues to say all the rabidly antisemitic things they say.

And as a man who swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States when he took the oath of office and became a U.S. Representative, Phillips in particular should know the importance of preserving Americans' right to free speech. It's disgraceful that he's apparently forgotten all about it. 


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