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Greta Thunberg pays tribute to her stunning bravery to mark the occasion of her graduation (from what?)

Let’s see … so the last time we checked in with climate activist Greta Thunberg, it was to point and laugh at her for deleting her 2018 tweet predicting that the world would come to an end in 2023 if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels by then.


What an embarrassing moment that was for her. That probably would’ve been a good time for her to pack it in and get back to the business of being an insufferably self-righteous young person in private. Alas, that’s not what she did.

And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, we now have this to point and laugh at her for:

Narrator: She did not, in fact, have to write anything. But she did anyway.


Just like we were when she wrote her tweet in 2018!


Since 2018, poor Greta has desperately needed someone responsible in her life to sit her down and say, “No. Stop. You’re not doing this because it’s silly and also you don’t need to be in the global spotlight right now because it’s bad for your mental health.” Instead, she got encouragement to make a fool of herself. The part of us that doesn’t think she’s annoying as hell actually feels kind of sorry for her. Although at 20 years old, she should at least know a little bit better.

That is seriously the least of this girl’s problems.

The message she’s sending definitely isn’t the one she thinks it is.


For reals, though. Does she genuinely believe this makes her look good?

Yeah, what a bummer.


We were actually wondering the same thing. What kind of education system they got there in Sweden?

Of course it’s a scam.



Greta Thunberg now protesting a wind farm in Norway for some reason


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