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Hot take: We should take our Pride cues from Muhammad, who was an OG ally to the LGBTQ+ community

OK, we’re gonna level with you: we’d never heard of this @pride_token account before today. It has less than 800 followers on Twitter. And normally we don’t really spotlight accounts of a rando nature.


But being that it’s Pride Month and all, we’re feeling more generous than usual. And frankly, this take is so bizarre, we can’t help but find it fascinating enough to share with all of you. You’ve heard of Catholics For Choice. Well, meet Devout Muslims for Pride:

Here’s the full text of that tweet, just in case you were wondering:

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught us the importance of love and compassion towards all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. This Pride Month, let’s explore his teachings and how they can guide us in combatting homophobia. #PrideMonth

Intrigued? Just wait til the thread gets going:



And by the way, have you ever considered investing in Pride cryptocurrency?

Anyway, before we go any further, just in case it’s not clear, we are not suggesting that Muslims are inherently homophobic or anti-LGBTQIABCDE or whatever. There are plenty of Muslims who are fine with LGBTQ+ people and even belong to that community themselves. But if radical LGBTQ+ activists are going to paint all of Christianity as inherently homophobic because the Bible said that homosexuality is smite-worthy, then it’s going to be pretty difficult for us to buy the idea that Mohammad was woke before it was cool.


Evidently. What a time to be alive, huh?

And speaking of Christianity, there’s also a thread on Jesus in case you’re interested:

But we digress.

It doesn’t seem to be …

That all sounds very happy and nice, but would Muhammad really and truly agree with it?

Spoiler alert: Mohammad wasn’t what you’d call an LGBTQ+ ally.


Whoever runs the @pride_token account can pretend. We’re gonna have to err on the side of reality.

Spoiler alert: If @pride_token actually tries that, they won’t be coming back and telling you anything. They won’t be coming back, period.


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