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Apparently Oxfam also makes life hell for employees who defend J.K. Rowling from character assassins

As we told you, global anti-poverty, pro-justice charity Oxfam has seen fit to mark Pride Month by putting out a poorly animated video celebrating the global LGBTQIA+ community and depicting J.K. Rowling as some sort of anti-trans predator (that is, before Oxfam released an updated version of the video in which Rowling — flanked by what appeared to be racist caricatures of two Asian men — was gone).


At this point, it seems pretty safe to say that Oxfam is openly hostile to Rowling. So it stands to reason that they’d also be hostile towardanyone who shares Rowling’s opinion that women and men are biologically different or even defends her right to have that opinion in the first place.

This would certainly lend credence to that theory:

More from UnHerd:

Three years ago, the Harry Potter author found herself accused of transphobia for having supported women who have “concerns around single-sex spaces”. During a discussion on Oxfam’s intranet, [Oxfam charity bookstore employee] Maria had come to the defence of Britain’s most popular living author, asking for evidence of Rowling’s supposed transphobia. It was a decision that prompted a gruelling internal investigation, one in which Maria struggled to clear her name, led to her having a nervous breakdown and leaving both her job and the country.

Oxfam eventually offered a grovelling apology for the “procedural mistakes” that caused Maria such upset, but she is still struggling to make sense of it all. Speaking for the first time about the episode, she reveals: “My life has been torn apart. It drove me to a breakdown, I lost my confidence and, worst of all, I began to doubt myself.”

What Maria endured is part of a wider woke culture in the charitable sector, where female employees are silenced and treated like bigots for believing that sex-based rights matter. Certainly, Maria is so convinced that her career remains in danger — that any woman accused of transphobia will be blacklisted by much of the charitable sector, even when they have been exonerated — that she has agreed to speak to UnHerd under a pseudonym. “This will hang over me for the rest of my life,” she says. For decades, Oxfam — which was formed in 1942 to send food supplies to starving mothers and children in Nazi-occupied Greece — was one of the UK’s most respected charities, providing international aid to end hardship around the globe. But in recent years, its reputation has been tarnished. In 2018, evidence emerged that senior staff had paid survivors of the 2010 Haiti earthquake for sex, and that the use of prostitutes during the relief effort was covered up by the charity, allegations that Oxfam denies.


Given the appalling nature of the allegations against Oxfam, it’s no wonder that they’d be focused on making loud noises about “transphobic” women like J.K. Rowling and Maria. The last thing they want is people plumbing the depths of Oxfam’s corruption. Better to make innocent people look like dangerous predators.

Read the whole piece for an even better sense of Oxfam’s woke thuggery.

Oxfam done messed up. And now that their misogyny and bigotry are becoming more widely publicly known, hopefully it won’t be long before they’re the ones who find themselves on the outside, where they belong.



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