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Don't miss the shocking Barry finale scene that 'perfectly illustrated America's diseased gun culture'

If you had the misfortune to have missed out on “Barry,” please do what you can to rectify that as soon as possible. The series went out with a bang on Sunday night, and, totally objectively speaking, of course, it was pretty much perfect.


No spoilers or anything, but one particular scene in the series finale has been getting some extra attention. It was a great scene because it was clever and darkly funny and fit the universe of the show like a glove. And, according to this guy, who is apparently a senior writer at lifestyle site BroBible,  and at least tens of thousands are other people, it was also a great scene because it was a pretty spot-on depiction of “America’s diseased gun culture.”

For your viewing pleasure:

“Utterly terrifying.” Well, yes, we suppose that if you look to dark comedies about hitmen-turned-actors with an impressive body count for the most accurate information about guns, it would be terrifying. Of course, if you’re smart enough to understand that you can’t actually just walk into a Walmart-type store and just buy some big, scary-looking guns like you would a pack of gum and walk right out with them strapped to your back where everyone can see them. In frigging California.


Actually, Eric, it’s “bogeymen.” And the one peddling the insanity is you.

At this point, Eric isn’t going to delete his tweet because he’s enjoying the likes and retweets way too much. But if we were him, we’d try to memory-hole that thing, because it’s so horrifically embarrassing and we’d never want anyone to remember us as the moron who used “Barry” to argue against gun control.

Eh, we’re not entirely sure he does. Based on many of the gun control arguments we’ve heard over the years, there are actually a disturbing number of gun control proponents who think that buying a gun looks pretty much exactly how it was depicted on “Barry.” Which is not something we’d brag about, by the way.



It’s almost as if people like Eric aren’t familiar with reality at all.


See, now that would’ve been a good tweet! Total missed opportunity for Eric.

He’d definitely fit right in over there.

In the meantime, watch “Barry.” It’s great.


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