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Actor James Van Der Beek ('memba him?) calls out DNC for suppressing debate — and he's exactly right

It’s been a minute since we heard from “Dawson’s Creek” star James Van Der Beek. Probably because aside from the occasional guest-starring role on other series, he’s led a relatively quiet life raising a family.


And while he may not be an A-lister these days, you may have noticed that he’s been a trending topic on Twitter today:

So, what’s that about? Did he say something notable recently?

Actually, yes. It seems Van Der Beek can’t help but be utterly disgusted by Democrats’ “defending democracy” charade. Because how much can Democrats really care about defending our democracy when the DNC is trying to silence any Democratic primary challenger to Joe Biden?


Here’s a longer video:

Dawson makes some very good points, doesn’t he?


Of course, we feel it’s necessary to point out that we shouldn’t really be taking our cues, social or political or otherwise, from actors or celebrities in general because their opinions aren’t somehow more valid than other people’s. And that goes for Van Der Beek, too, as well as his influencer wife, who has some … interesting thoughts about modern medicine.

That said, though, Van Der Beek is justified in his frustration with what the DNC is doing, and we feel pretty confident saying that there are other Democrats out there who are just as frustrated as Van Der Beek. And you know what? They should be. Everyone should be. We’re not Democrats ourselves and don’t really have skin in the Democratic primary game (we have quite a bit in the general, obviously), but we can nonetheless recognize that the DNC is undermining their supposed commitment to preserving democracy and giving a voice to the people by refusing to acknowledge Biden’s challengers for the 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

This feels like one of those rare cases where a political party should be taking cues from a celebrity, because this particular celebrity’s argument is pretty solid. And if the DNC doesn’t want to alienate voters and risk a backlash to the 80-year-old guy they’re trying to force down voters’ throats, they should seriously consider what Van Der Beek is saying.




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