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While you were busy enjoying your Memorial Day weekend, chances are that you missed the real cherry on top of it all.

We’re talking, of course, about Paramore’s Hayley Williams telling any of her fans out there who happen to support Ron DeSantis exactly what she thinks of them during a concert. Here it is so you can listen for yourselves:


What a kween, right? It takes some real stunning bravery to tell a subset of your fans that you hate them. Occupy Democrats, for one, are pretty impressed and thrilled and inspired:

Here’s Occupy Democrats’ entire tweet, just in case you want to get the full experience of them reveling in Ron DeSantis getting pwned by Hayley Williams:

Gosh. How will Ron DeSantis take handle this devastating blow to his ego? More importantly, will he handle it at all?

Because we can’t help but feel like he’s not losing any sleep over this. Maybe some of his fans who also like Williams’ body of work are annoyed, but, like, ultimately, what is there to be upset about? Very liberal singer drops some F-bombs with regard to Republicans, news at 11. Republicans and conservatives have grown pretty accustomed by now to liberal actors and musicians and celebs hating them, and those who are able to separate the art from the artist don’t seem to get too hung up on it. If anything, they’re just bored at these tiresome displays of self-importance from people who really aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things.


Sorry but not sorry to have to be the ones to break this news to Williams and Occupy Democrats and anyone else fist-pumping over smack-talk about Ron DeSantis, but … does anyone actually care about this? Anyone who’s supposed to be on the receiving end of Williams’ ire? Because, quite frankly, we’re too busy yawning and rolling our eyes to get bent out of shape over it.

Let us know when a famously apolitical singer calls out AOC and her fans for being idiots. Because that would be news.


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