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Bill Kristol observes that 'anti-wokes' like Ben Shapiro & Ron DeSantis seem way worse than Woke Mob

Bill Kristol, man. Can’t live with him, can’t live with him.

Remember when he used to say conservative things? I’m old enough to remember it (we used to write about it on Twitchy sometimes!), though the memory grows foggier and fainter with each passing day. Anyway, we’re clearly way past that point now. Now, not only is he not a conservative, but he’s an outspoken liberal Democratic shill. Some people out there saw it coming. They should give themselves a pat on the back.

In late December of last year, Bill decided to celebrate Boxing Day by taking a weird, out-of-Left-field swipe at Ben Shapiro:

Apparently the point he was attempting to make was that Ben Shapiro is some kind of “witless” poser:

The only point Bill made successfully was that he’s, in fact, the witless poser. And he made that point again yesterday with this tweet namedropping Shapiro as well as Ron DeSantis:

So basically, what Bill is saying is that Ron DeSantis and Ben Shapiro are actually way worse than the Woke Mob. How does that work, exactly?

Simple: He sold his soul to The Bulwark.

Yes, that’s pretty much how we’ve been picturing it.

Everyone has a price. Or at least Bill Kristol does.

It would be, wouldn’t it?

Whaddaya say, Bill? You wanna be an armchair Karen? Or you wanna put some of that Bulwark money where your big, fat mouth is?



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