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Ghoulish gun control activist who hijacked Nashville PD presser impresses CNN but raises red flags

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, there was a deadly shooting earlier today at Covenant School, a private Christian school, in Nashville, Tennessee, today. Current reports are that three children and three adults are dead, as well as the shooting suspect, who was reportedly female.


And, as expected, despite the fact that the bodies aren’t even cold yet and many details are still unknown, agenda-driven ghouls are already out in full force to capitalize on the shooting as an opportunity to push gun control.

And one of those agenda-driven ghouls decided to hijack a Nashville Police press conference, demonstrating once again that the victims of mass shootings are not actually at the top of gun control advocates’ minds:

“A mother in Nashville.” Well, yes, she happens to be in Nashville right now, but she’s from Highland Park, Illinois. And we can only assume that she was just as eager to stand on the bodies of Highland Park shooting victims in order to reach the spotlight.

Some people out there might try to tell you that this “mother in Nashville” was just being passionate in her grief for the victims. That she’s speaking on behalf of parents everywhere who are concerned that their children will be shot to death at school.

Those people are either lying to you or fooling themselves.


We agree that it needs to be shared, in the sense that as many people as possible need to know what’s actually motivating the “mother in Nashville.” It’s nothing noble. Just pure, unadulterated selfishness and a desperate craving for attention:

Figures that CNN would only be too happy to indulge her. Just gross.

Shame on her and on CNN.

Disgusting is right. And also extremely sketchy:


When she hijacked the presser, she said she was there visiting her sister-in-law. But in her interview with CNN, she said she was in town to meet up in person with a fellow gun control activist she’d met online.

At best, she seems extremely insincere.

And there’s probably a good amount of evidence to support our impression of her:


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