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CNN tech journo needs cold shower after explaining how 'TikTok ban rhetoric' is inherently racist

So, do you guys remember way back in the early days of the COVID pandemic when Democratic politicians tried to show us how tolerant and progressive and un-racist they are by encouraging people to pretend that the virus didn’t originate in China? Remember when the best way to show solidarity with the Asian American community was to hang out in large groups at Chinese restaurants? Remember how if you chose to bury your head in the sand, it meant that you were tolerant, and if you didn’t, it meant that you were racist?


Well, we’ve moved on somewhat from those days, but don’t for a second think that liberals won’t still find anti-Asian bigotry where it doesn’t exist in order to score political points. And that brings us to CNN tech reporter Brian Fung, who wants to make sure that we know that opposition to TikTok is ultimately rooted in racism against Asians, or at least has fanned the flames of racism against Asians:

Fung writes:

That rhetoric surged again this week as a hostile House committee grilled TikTok CEO Shou Chew for more than five hours on Thursday about the app’s ties to China through its parent company, ByteDance. After lawmakers repeatedly accused Chew, who is Singaporean, of working for the Chinese government and tried to associate him with the Chinese Communist Party, Vanessa Pappas, a top TikTok executive, condemned the hearing as “rooted in xenophobia.”

A top TikTok executive framed questioning of Shou Zi Chew as xenophobic? Oh, well, then it must be xenophobic. Because clearly a top TikTok executive would have no ulterior motives in accusing opponents of TikTok of racism.



But even in discussing the Chinese government’s real, demonstrated risks to US security, the way that some Americans describe those dangers is counterproductive, needlessly provocative and historically inaccurate, said Rep. Andy Kim, a New Jersey Democrat and a member of the House select committee. Even the name “Chinese Communist Party” can itself prime listeners to adopt a Cold War mentality — a framework whose analytical value is dubious, Kim argued.

“A lot of my colleagues, especially on the select committee, use rhetoric like, ‘This is a new Cold War,’” said Kim. “First of all, it’s not true: The Soviet Union was a very different competitor than China. And it’s framed in a very zero-sum way … It’s very much being talked about as if their entire way of life is incompatible with ours and cannot coexist with ours, and that heightens the tension.”

Referring to the Chinese Communist Party as the “Chinese Communist Party” is offensive? OK, yeah. These are not serious people we’re dealing with. So naturally these are the people CNN is focused on.

Oh yeah. Brian apparently doesn’t want to be bothered with responses to his stupid tweet and stupid article:



We have to conclude that Brian doesn’t expect anyone to take him seriously as a journalist.

How can anyone actually believe that?

All of it. All of it is contrived narrative.


Stop making sense, Sean!

Sure sounds like it. Is it racist to point that out, CNN?

Is there anti-Asian bigotry in this country? Absolutely. Look no further than what’s happening to qualified, high-achieving Asian and Asian American students who are being rejected for admission by elite colleges in favor of lesser qualified applicants. Look no further than the uptick in violent attacks on Asians in places like New York and California. And weirdly, outlets like CNN don’t seem to be nearly as concerned about that (unless they can twist it against conservatives somehow, of course).


So spare us your outrage, Brian Fung. Spare us your outrage, CNN.

When you’re regurgitating CCP talking points, you’ve already lost.



WaPo tech journo asserts with zero evidence that there’s ‘zero evidence’ TikTok is a ChiCom spy tool


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