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Stephen L. Miller busts radical trans hypocrites after Bari Weiss looks at 2 pieces about trans kids

As we told you yesterday, Bari Weiss’ Free Press published an eye-opening and incredibly disturbing piece by Jamie Reed, a former case manager at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. According to Reed, she ultimately left her job after nearly four years because she could no longer be a part of the “morally and medically appalling” goings-on. Please do yourself a favor and take some time to read her story if you haven’t already. And maybe even again if you have.


The word “bravery” gets tossed around a lot these days, and we ourselves have mocked its overuse. But in this case, it’s warranted. Reed’s choice to blow the whistle knowing the vicious and sometimes violent mindset of so many radical trans activists is indeed courageous. It comes at great risk to her own personal safety, but that’s just how deeply concerned she is about the safety of children being subjected to physical and psychological abuse at clinics such as the one she worked for.

After Reed’s piece was published in The Free Press yesterday, Bari Weiss posted a side-by-side screenshot of it and another piece that was published yesterday in the New York Times. It made for quite the interesting juxtaposition:

Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, thought it was interesting, too. Especially because of the notion that non-trans people aren’t allowed to have an opinion on trans issues and need to “mind [their] own business”:


The radical trans Left loves to tell anyone who raises moral and ethical questions about the movement to mind their own business. Meanwhile, it’s the radical trans Left that insists on making themselves a part of everyone’s business — literally:

Jack Phillips isn’t allowed to mind his own business, because when he tries to, he gets taken to court. J.K. Rowling isn’t allowed to mind her own business, because when she does, she gets branded a bigot and a transphobe and a TERF as does anyone who defends her or makes a game based on her beloved book series. So many employees aren’t allowed to mind their own business because HR departments at many companies are positively labyrinthine, with all sorts of hoops to jump through in order to abide by DEI guidelines, and if you make one misstep, you could lose your job for it. Many business owners aren’t allowed to mind their own business because they could get sued. People who just want to mind their own business on Twitter can say something innocuous and get bombarded with threats of violence or death.


Most critics of the radical trans movement are fine leaving trans people to their business. But when the business is child abuse and usurpation of parents’ rights, those critics have a moral obligation to get involved, because that kind of business has victims. And anyone who’s in the business of caring about children’s rights and welfare is right to speak up and speak out. That’s what Jamie Reed has done.


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