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WaPo's Philip Bump dreads his searches being 'polluted' by plebs paying for blue checkmarks

Remember when lefty blue-checks were melting down over the prospect of losing their fancy blue-checked status when Elon Musk took over Twitter? And then they melted down a little more when they realized that they’d get to keep their blue checks, which meant that they’d made a big deal out of nothing?


Well, now they’ve got a new reason to be angry: regular people now have a chance to invade the elitist space by paying $8 a month for Twitter Blue and a blue checkmark of their own. That, Elon, is just going too far, sir!

Here’s the Washington Post’s Philip Bump, for example:

Guys, he’s really bitter:

Oh no! God forbid some normie pollutes Philip’s filter:verified searches. He might accidentally be exposed to a member of the hoi polloi!

If he does, he doesn’t seem to care. He’s just broadcasting to everyone that he’s everything snobby, snooty blue-checks like him claim not to be.


Mais oui.

Heh. We’d be willing to pay to take him and his ilk down a peg or 73649.



Washington Post’s Philip Bump ‘fixes’ a cartoon meme Elon Musk tweeted and tells us everything it got wrong


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