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Joe Biden says that Republicans and their 'mega-MAGA-trickle-down politics in the extreme' will 'crash the economy'

DNC staffers got a very special present today when President Joe Biden himself came to speak to them and get them pumped up and inspired. Because what gets people more pumped up and inspired than being lied to and gaslit, which is exactly what Biden wound up doing?


Dumber … and more desperate. Case in point:

This isn’t the first time that Biden has tried to blame the Republican Party for the sorry state of our economy or suggested that the economy will get worse if Republicans regain control of the House and/or Senate. And it doesn’t get any less infuriating to hear, no matter how many times he says it. There is no evidence to support the assertion that Republicans will crash the economy, but there’s plenty of evidence that Democrats are doing just that right now.

Joe Biden is an inflated airbag. And he keeps squeezing out the same old hot air, day after day after day:


Who’s doubling down, Joe? That would be you, who apparently thought the “mega-MAGA-trickled-down economics” line was so brilliant that you used it again:

It was inevitable.

Mega-MAGA-trickle-down in the extreme, brah!

Honestly, to have a president whose own intelligence has been overestimated for decades and is dwindling with each passing day insult the intelligence of every American who can see with their own eyes what he and the Democrats have done to the economy … it’s just disgusting and outrageous.


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