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Charlie Crist is just over two weeks away from losing to incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis, and things are starting to get desperate. Well, even more desperate than things usually are for Charlie Crist, the poor, dumb bastard.

Faced with the impending prospect of being publicly humiliated once again, Charlie’s resorting to the last refuge of a scoundrel: mixing up a bunch of words in the hopes that something in the salad bowl will go together.

I know for a fact that there are politicians out there who do that and are pretty good at it, or at least lucky. But Charlie Crist just isn’t one of them:

I can’t say I haven’t heard that, because there are a lot of insane liberals out there who call anyone to the right of, well, Charlie Crist a “dictator.” What we can say, though, is that the dumb “dictator” line doesn’t get any less dumb no matter how many times we hear it.

And the fact that he’s using the dumb “dictator” line to try to fleece gullible voters is just the cherry tomato on top of the sh*t sandwich that is his campaign.

Uneducated and incapable of learning from past mistakes, either his or anyone else’s.

Charlie Crist will be lucky if he can even crawl away.

Not sure what he’s gonna do when that happens. He’s been a Republican, and Independent, and a Democrat, and he’s failed at all of them. He could always try the Libertarian Party, but I highly doubt they want him to be their problem.

Some things never change.



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