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HuffPost declares rapper Killer Mike 'more politically dangerous than Kanye West' because ... he was nice to Brian Kemp and Herschel Walker

We missed this somehow, but apparently rapper Killer Mike had some nice things to say about Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker. Good thing HuffPost didn’t miss it and is around to bring us up to speed:



That pretty much sums it up, yes. But let’s talk about it a little more.

More from HuffPost opinion editor Stephen A. Crockett Jr.’s piece:

During a recent appearance on “Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha God,” Killer Mike praised Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) for “running an effective campaign.” He added Kemp “went to an all-Black boys school that’s run [sic] by a conservative Black man down in Albany, Georgia.” He couldn’t have been more proud of Kemp’s work reaching out to the Black community — despite having effectively and consistently tried to prevent them from voting.

Killer Mike implied that Kemp’s opponent — in 2018 and this year — Stacey Abrams needs to go “everywhere Mr. Kemp just went” as if she’s not leading in every statistical category among Black voters. He doesn’t seem to understand that Abrams is of the Black community. She doesn’t need to visit the community she’s a part of. What he has done here is what makes him so dangerous. He’s positioning himself as a Black voice of reason instead of a shill for the Republican party. So when Killer Mike spouts ridiculous claims implying that Abrams isn’t doing enough Black outreach, she’s forced to answer despite it not being a concern.

Killer Mike was forced [Twitchy editor’s note: “forced.”] to address his comments on social media after many called him an “opp” (a term used in the Black community to describe one’s opponent) to the democratic process. Some even posted photos of him and Kemp from their 2018 meeting.

Killer Mike’s tweet is actually a lot kinder than ours would’ve been had we been in his position. Consider the crap he’s already dealing with from SJWs on Twitter. And now here’s HuffPost just ramping up the pile-on.

No, that’s actually the line they’re going with:

Here we are:

What makes Killer Mike’s brand of politics so dangerous is that he is actually in the field. He’s doing the work to mobilize. And he’s equally as damaging to his legacy when he legitimizes Kemp, whose life work appears to be undoing the Black vote. It’s troubling not knowing where the Atlanta rapper’s intentions lie. But if we go off his work, it appears duplicitous at best. It’s disconcerting to watch a loquacious Black man with a platform prop up someone who wants to undo all the good work of the civil rights leaders before him. That is way more perilous than anything Ye could do.


Didn’t take long, now did it?

This is literally the Left’s playbook now. When it comes to the Right, every guy is a million times worse and more dangerous than the last guy, even if that’s not even remotely true.

And Killer Mike didn’t even tell anyone how to vote!

It’s actually not all that hard to see why HuffPost published that if you really stop and think about it. Let’s stop and think about it: a famous and popular black rapper (who has supported Bernie Sanders, by the way) was nice to two Republican candidates for office, and that’s not how it’s supposed to work. At least not according to liberal identitarians.

To be clear, we’re definitely not suggesting that Republicans or conservatives to blindly pledge allegiance to Killer Mike for unapologetically refusing to toe the line the Left has drawn for him. Look no further than Ye to see why that’s not a great idea. But we can certainly appreciate that Killer Mike isn’t apologizing for having a mind of his own, and he’s not telling anyone else how they should think. We need more of that in the public political discourse.


And we need a whole lot less of the crap HuffPost is shoveling.


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