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Wounded Warrior Joey Jones has some thoughts on Joe Biden's 'disgraceful' claim that Beau Biden 'lost his life in Iraq'

Speaking to a crowd in Colorado yesterday, President Joe Biden said that his late son, Beau, had “lost his life in Iraq.” That is, of course, not true.


We’re not sure if he was lying on purpose or is actually too senile to remember that Beau died of glioblastoma multiforme, brain cancer. Neither option is comforting or encouraging.

And for someone like Marine vet and Wounded Warrior Joey Jones, Biden’s remarks are just straight-up terrible.

Jones may have stayed quiet last night, but today, he’s ready to have those words he promised:

Joey sounds angry. Can’t say we blame him.

It’s extremely messed up, that’s for sure. Joe Biden’s remarks make it sound like Beau was killed in combat. By Biden’s logic, any Iraq vet who later dies of cancer” lost their life in Iraq.


Good luck with that finding it, Colin. Because last time we checked, there wasn’t any.

A few years back, Joe Biden suggested a link between burn pits and brain cancer, though he himself acknowledged that hard scientific evidence was lacking. From 2018:

In what appear to be the two-term vice president’s first public comments about the possibility that his late son Beau Biden’s brain cancer was caused by burn-pit smoke, Biden acknowledged he was unaware of “any direct scientific evidence” of a linkage.

Is Biden now suggesting that Beau’s cancer was caused by the burn pits? That’s the most charitable way to interpret his remarks yesterday, and it would still make him wrong.


He really shouldn’t. This is from the same PBS article quoted above, from 2018, but it still applies today to the discussion of burn pits and cancer, particularly brain cancer:

“There is no association that I am aware of,” said Dr. Reid Thompson, professor and chairman of the Neurological Surgery Department at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The theories linking cancer and burn pits are “lots of conjecture.”

“Patients and families often believe that there is an obvious known link between various illness and exposures,” Reid wrote in an email, but he evidence is lacking. “For glioblastoma, the only known risk factor is exposure to ionizing radiation,” Reid said. “For brain tumors — as is true for other diseases — establishing a causal link between an exposure and the illness is really difficult.”

Reid noted that indications of a link between environmental factors and cancers does not necessarily suggest a cause-and-effect relationship for any particular individual. “Undoubtedly there are patients whose unique genetic background may make them uniquely vulnerable to a particular exposure,” Reid said. “Unraveling what the genetic predisposition may be — and what the exposure is for any given patient — is really one of the holy grails of medicine.”





Yesterday wasn’t the first time that Joe Biden has invoked his late son to score political points, and, sadly, it won’t be the last.


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