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WATCH: Peter Doocy confronts Karine Jean-Pierre on her history of election denialism and sends her careening off the rails

In the months since Karine Jean-Pierre took over from Jen Psaki as White House press secretary, we’ve been waiting on pins and needles for a member of the White House press corps — someone, anyone — to ask Jean-Pierre about her own history and other prominent Democrats’ histories of pushing stolen-election conspiracy theories.


Today, it happened. At long last, it happened. And it should surprise no one that Fox News’ Peter Doocy was the one to ask her about it.

Well, don’t get too excited … Jean-Pierre didn’t actually answer Doocy’s question at all.

Oh, really? Is that so, Karine? Is that how this works?

No, sir, she did not. Though in fairness, we suppose that could get pretty awkward, seeing as she herself is an unapologetic 2016 (and 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election) election denialist.





Our jaws are on the floor. Not necessarily because she tried to spin her way out of answering the question and did so poorly, because we expected her to try that and fail spectacularly. No, our surprise comes more from the fact that this was literally the best she could come up with after having way more time than she ever deserved to have to come up with even a marginally passable answer to the question.


Just … wow.

It’s truly amazing.

That was indeed quite a ride. A really, really bumpy one. Went right off the rails, in fact.

Someone should’ve gotten the hook when they still had the chance. The more time Karine Jean-Pierre spends up there at that podium, the worse she makes herself look. The worse she makes the Biden administration look.


Over to you, Jake. You’re on the Big Lie beat, arntcha?

Loud and clear.


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