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Jennifer Lawrence opens up about working so hard to forgive her ignorant GOP family members, reveals that Tucker Carlson haunts her dreams

Actress Jennifer Lawrence apparently had her first child recently — despite her vocal pro-abort stance — and it’s apparently really opened her eyes up to how the world works (it’s still not clear if she knows how abortion works, though). Anyway, her epiphany was special enough to land her the cover story of Vogue’s October issue, and you’d better believe she wants to share what she’s learned with the world:


And if you’re not ready to have a serious discussion about politics with Jennifer Lawrence, well, just know that she can’t f**k with you anymore, OK?

Jennifer Lawrence is a serious person who only has time for serious political discussions with other serious people like her.

So much unleashing!

Jennifer could do with a little shame right about now, because yeah, this is pathetic:


Much of her disappointment was directed at certain relatives back in Louisville, Kentucky, where she’d grown up, including her father. The 2016 election had torn open a rift in her family. Repairing it was an ongoing process. Particularly since having a baby, she had been trying to heal. She even discussed with her therapist the recurring nightmares she has about Tucker Carlson. “I just worked so hard in the last five years to forgive my dad and my family and try to understand: It’s different. The information they are getting is different. Their life is different.” Lawrence had a haunted look in her eyes. She would stop at times to apologize or make a self-deprecating joke, then get visibly overtaken by emotion again. I felt like I was watching a real-life version of whatever it is that happens when she acts. “I’ve tried to get over it and I really can’t. I can’t. I’m sorry I’m just unleashing, but I can’t fuck with people who aren’t political anymore. You live in the United States of America. You have to be political. It’s too dire. Politics are killing people.”

The reversal of Roe was reigniting all of it. She had not been entirely in Hillary Clinton’s corner, but still found it incredibly upsetting that the country elected Donald Trump. “It breaks my heart because America had the choice between a woman and a dangerous, dangerous jar of mayonnaise. And they were like, Well, we can’t have a woman. Let’s go with the jar of mayonnaise.” And now, thanks to Supreme Court justices appointed by that dangerous jar of mayonnaise, the unthinkable had happened. “I don’t want to disparage my family, but I know that a lot of people are in a similar position with their families. How could you raise a daughter from birth and believe that she doesn’t deserve equality? How?


How could you be a vocal advocate for abortion rights and worry about raising a daughter from birth or about equality when the majority of abortions performed in the world result in fewer daughters being born? How? How can you claim you don’t want to disparage your family over political differences and then proceed to disparage your family over political differences and suggest that they need your forgiveness? How?


Growing up in a conservative home, Lawrence thought of herself as Republican. But it was almost a cultural thing, like sports or something. She had the notion that there were two teams and that the Republicans were her team. Then one night when she was 16, she was watching 30 Rock and Liz Lemon said something along the lines of, I’m not a crazy liberal. I just think people should drive hybrid cars. It made sense. It seemed rational. Later, when she made movies in other countries, she saw how money always tended to concentrate at the top, not just in the United States, how it rarely trickled down to working people. She gathered more perspective the more money she made. To her, “Republican” had always meant: Why should my taxes pay for your haughty lifestyle? Now she saw holes in that logic. “Nobody likes to see half their paycheck go away, but it made sense to me. Yeah, for the greater good, I guess it makes sense.

And how on earth can anyone have children and not want to restrict access to guns, she wanted to know. “I’m raising a little boy who is going to go to school one day. Guns are the number-one cause of death for children in the United States. And people are still voting for politicians who receive money from the NRA. It blows my mind. I mean if Sandy Hook didn’t change anything? We as a nation just went, Okay! We are allowing our children to lay down their lives for our right to a second amendment that was written over 200 years ago.”


We honestly couldn’t care less what Jennifer Lawrence’s personal political beliefs are. But if she’s going to cite those beliefs in order to defend looking down her nose at her own family or to make policy arguments based on misunderstanding fundamental constitutional principles, well, we do have a problem with that, and we feel obligated to call her out.

Seriously, if you’re the praying type, pray for Jennifer Lawrence. Because it sounds like she really needs it.


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