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Gov't memo explaining redactions in Mar-a-Lago search affidavit is basically 'FBI giving a middle finger to Americans and the justice system' [pics]

It’s here, you guys! It’s finally here! The Mar-a-Lago search warrant affidavit is out for the public to see. Well, “see.”


OK, so the affidavit isn’t a total blackout. That’s good. It’s important to make the public aware of what’s going on.

But obviously some of the material in the affidavit has been redacted. That’s to be expected with this sort of thing. But it doesn’t mean that we should just shrug our shoulders every time we see a blacked-out line of text.

You were definitely onto something, Bonchie. Because while the affidavit contains plenty of redactions, but the memo explaining why the affidavit contains those redactions is itself full — and we do mean full — of redactions.


Seriously, look at this thing:

What, exactly, was the point of this entire exercise?

They might as well have just published three sheets of black paper.


Oh, it’s a joke, all right. But it’s definitely not the funny kind. Nobody should be laughing about this.

We should all be fuming.

Not only that, but what they did provide more than anything amounted to a giant slap in our faces.


That’s effectively what it is, yes.

Shut the whole thing down until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.


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