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ABC News' Jonathan Karl has nothing but praise for Al Gore's 'gracious' conduct in the wake of 2000 election loss

On occasion, ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl avoids falling into the hack trap and conducts himself in a journalist-like manner.

This is not one of those times, unfortunately.


Karl recently had a lively discussion with climate hypocrite and former Vice President Al Gore (well, as lively as any discussion with human tree Al Gore can be, anyway), and the topic of Gore’s 2000 election loss to George W. Bush naturally came up.

OK, buddy. Whatever you need to tell yourself to get out of bed in the morning.

Bet you don’t like Al Gore as much as Jonathan Karl likes Al Gore, though:

There are many words we could use to describe Al Gore. “Gracious,” “unifying,” and “the best” are not among them.


Karl doesn’t specify.

He still contested even after SCOTUS stepped in. He’s still contesting today. He never stopped.

Where was Jonathan Karl when all this was going on?


As a chief Washington correspondent for a major media outlet, you’d think Jonathan Karl would be a little more up-to-speed on U.S. political matters. Or, if you’ve been watching Jonathan Karl’s body of work on ABC News, you’d think that this is pretty much par for the course with Jonathan Karl.



ABC News’ Jon Karl explains why he tweeted ‘thank you, Cassidy Hutchinson’ (and makes the hackery even worse)

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