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Tucker Carlson wipes the floor with Ben Smith after Smith tries and fails — repeatedly — to paint him as racist [video]

Former New York Times media columnist Ben Smith interviewed Fox News host Tucker Carlson today during a pre-launch event for Smith’s Semafor news project. We can only assume that Smith anticipated that it would be a bloodbath.


Well, for what it’s worth, if he did, he was right. Just not in the way that he’d’ve expected. Because it was Smith who was left on the floor, bruised and gasping for air.

“It didn’t go well.” That’s what scientists call “an understatement.”



And with that, Smith effectively sealed his fate.

You can’t just toss out random slime and expect to get away with it, Ben. Especially when you’re dealing with someone like Tucker Carlson, who isn’t the kind of guy who just sits there and takes it.

Tucker Carlson is not a perfect human being. No one is. But if you’re going to come at him, you’d better be packing some serious heat or you’re liable to get burned yourself.




Media blue-checks rage at Ben Smith over event with Tucker Carlson


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