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Privileged pro-abort actress Jessica Chastain's ''Independence' Day' message is plagued by the stench of hypocrisy

Actress Jessica Chastain would like to wish you and yours a very happy “Independence” Day, from her and her reproductive rights:


She sure is beautiful. And that’s very fortunate for her. Not every shamelessly and staggeringly ignorant person has a pretty face to fall back on.

Yes, Jessica. Thank you for your stunning bravery. It’s not every woman who’d be bold enough to broadcast such a tiresome  and stupid message.

She’s actually 45, but your point still stands. Our well of sympathy for her plight is bone-dry.


Forget it; she’s rolling.

Maybe she’s worried about Planned Parenthood having a harder time targeting minority communities for eugenic purposes?

Or maybe she’s worried about being exposed as a flaming hypocrite? We’d be terrified about that if we were her:

From November 2018:

According to reports, Jessica Chastain and husband Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo recently welcomed their first child via surrogate. Though they have made no official announcement, the family have been spotted around New York City with a stroller and a baby carrier, according to the New York Post. The actress is one of many celebrity women who have used surrogates to grow their family, but that doesn’t mean all of them have gone that route for the same reason.


Her second child was born via surrogacy as well.

The audacity, indeed.

There’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with choosing surrogacy to grow your family. Jessica is fortunate in that she is wealthy enough to be able to afford such an expensive process. One might even call her privileged.

The real problem with Jessica Chastain’s “reproductive rights” BS is that if anyone in this scenario can be accused of “forced birth,” it’s Chastain. In using a surrogate not once, but twice, she is guilty of effectively forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term multiple times. Yes, the surrogate was paid for her services, but Chastain was still using another woman’s body to carry and grow those clumps of cells.

Are Jessica Chastain’s reproductive rights more valuable than those of the surrogate?


This seems highly problematic, to say the least.

Uh-oh, Jessica.

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