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No, SpaceX firing employees who trashed Elon Musk in open letter to execs does not make Musk a free speech hypocrite

Breaking news: Trashing your employer can cost you your job.

Some SpaceX employees recently learned that lesson the hard way:


More from Reuters:

At least five employees were fired by private rocket company SpaceX after drafting and circulating an open letter criticizing founder Elon Musk and calling on executives at the start-up to make the company’s work culture more inclusive, according to two people familiar with the matter.


That’s a really positive way for the former SpaceX employees to look at it, actually!

That’s effectively what it was.

We have no doubt that a lot of progressives are actually making that very argument right now. After all, Musk has made a name for himself as a free speech absolutist and suggested that he would restore free speech to Twitter if and when he takes the helm.


How can he call himself an advocate for freedom of speech while punishing employees for speaking freely? Doesn’t this make him some kind of huge hypocrite?

Actually, no. It doesn’t.

We like @Holden114 (he’s a good dude whose tweets have made numerous appearances on Twitchy over the years) but we’re gonna have to side with @neontaster on this one.


The fact is that Musk’s employees wrote and circulated an open letter openly trashing him and instead of getting sympathy, they got fired. This shouldn’t come as a shock to the ex-employees or to anyone else. Like @neontaster said, this is one of those f*ck-around-and-find-out situations. Pretty textbook, actually.


We’re trying to think of a company that would invite and encourage employees to talk trash about them in public. We can’t off the tops of our heads, but suffice it to say, we would have absolutely no respect for that company.

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