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WaPo helps confused Americans understand the economy by explaining why high gas prices aren't Joe Biden's fault

Struggling to make sense of the U.S. economy, with trends from persistent inflation to soaring gas prices? Not to worry! The Washington Post hears your cries and has the answers to all your most burning questions:


Animated guides? Sweet! Finally, we rubes will be presented with information in a way that even we can understand!

Let’s talk about gas prices, for example. We can’t help but notice that they’ve really skyrocketed in the past several months. But how, exactly, did we get here? How did this happen?

Wow, we never thought of it like that!


Dammit, Vlad! Everything was getting back on track until you decided to invade Ukraine.

Thanks to Putin — and not to the Biden administration’s energy policies — fewer and fewer Americans can afford to buy the gas they need in order to drive to the grocery store so they can buy half the amount of ground beef they used to be able to buy, assuming they can even find it in stock.


We can only hope that when Joe Biden is sitting around his dining room table discussing his lived experience, he saves a little bit of room in the conversation for coming up with gifts he can send to the Washington Post for going to bat so hard for him during these times that are so trying for his administration.

WaPo gonna WaPo.



WaPo analysis takes a closer look at ‘how the Second Amendment was reinterpreted to protect individual rights’

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