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WaPo senior editor reminds us that the AR-15 was 'invented for Nazi infantrymen' in the late 1950s

Mass shootings will never not be tragic. So what a slap in the face it is to the memories of the dead when gun control activists use a shooting to push an agenda.


In the case of the Uvalde shooting, just as with so many mass shootings that preceded it, gun control advocates are dementedly relishing the opportunity to come renew their calls for banning AR-15s.

Naturally, Washington Post senior editor Marc Fisher is among them. But he knows how tiresome the traditional arguments against the AR-15 have a tendency to be, so he’s come up with something with a little more … panache:

The article Fisher links to above was actually written by him on February 15, 2018, the day after the deadly Parkland shooting. Fortunately, it’s still just as stupid today as it was the day he wrote it.

We’re not … but that does appear to be what Marc here is suggesting.


That’s pretty much it, yes.

Yes! Because you know who else liked guns? Hitler. As in Adolf Hitler. An actual Nazi.

Who, in addition to inventing the AR-15, did some other questionable things:

Uh-oh, Marc …


No, he can’t … but he did stay  at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Incidentally, Holiday Inn Express was invented by British soldiers so they’d have a place to sleep during the Revolutionary War. The more you know.


One doesn’t have to wonder too hard, though. It’s pretty obvious that the collective IQ of the journalistic class has plummeted dramatically over the past decade or so.

Didn’t Hitler have a brother named Eugene? And another one named Jim? And Bob?

Exactly. This is a senior editor for the Washington Post. Explains everything.


Points for creativity, at least.

ICYMI, we’re definitely not sending our best to J-school.

Well, yeah. Naturally.

Next time, Marc, take a page from David Harsanyi’s book. Do your research and then write. In that order.

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