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Chasten Buttigieg says 'a 'one door' solution' is a stupid idea and 'you have failed our kids' if you don't understand that

Chasten Buttigieg is not only the husband of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, but he’s also a teacher.

And as a teacher, he’s very familiar with school safety protocol. So if it’s all right with you, he’d like to offer his two cents on the idea of single points of entry and one-way exit doors in schools as means of reducing the likelihood and severity of school shootings:



Chasten’s not finished yet, by the way:

Beg your pardon, Chasten?

Is that last tweet some projection or what? Jeebus, Chasten. You literally just described the Democratic Party on this issue.


Yes, that is really his argument.

An irresponsible and posturing liberal? No way.

Chasten Buttigieg is many things. An embarrassment is only one of them.

He’s also an intellectually dishonest, fearmongering partisan activist masquerading as a concerned educator.

Chasten Buttigieg’s husband is no doubt protected in part by one-way exit doors. What makes one-way exit doors acceptable barriers for politicians but not for schoolchildren?

Through his pearly whites.


For all of Democrats’ screeching about “doing something” and “taking action” and “passing laws” to stop would-be mass shooters, we have yet to see any of them offer anything resembling evidence that they take this issue as seriously as it deserves to be taken.

Their logic makes no sense. And they know it makes no sense. They just count on people to fall for shameless appeals to emotion rather than to reason and data and evidence.


Yeah, we’re actually OK with that. At least until he gets his head screwed on straight.



Apparently, the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty isn’t familiar with the concept of an ’emergency exit’

Bulwark’s Tim Miller immediately shoots down the idea of single points of entry in schools because he’s not actually interested in solutions


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