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Bulwark's Tim Miller immediately shoots down the idea of single points of entry in schools because he's not actually interested in solutions

We already told you about the very difficult time Washington Post editor and columnist Karen Tumulty is having wrapping her brain around the idea of one-way exit doors in schools.


But if you think it’s sad that a Washington Post columnist would struggle with something like this, imagine how disappointed you’d be to learn that an even more widely respected genius person had also been done in while trying to understand.

And when you’re talking about widely respected genius people, you’re talking, of course, about the folks at The Bulwark. Like Tim Miller, for example.

See, Tim Miller — unlike anyone who thinks one-way exit doors might be one of several possible safety measures that can be taken to prevent school shootings or at least minimize the loss of life — went to a big high school. Look, here’s a picture of the campus:

Pls explain to Tim how a single point of entry in a school is going to work.


No, seriously. Please explain it to him. Because he genuinely seems to be struggling to understand.

Well there you go, Tim! You could’ve saved yourself a little bit of effort and a whole lot of public humiliation had you just used your brain a little.

Alas, you didn’t. And so we’re left with no choice but to mock and deride you.

Oh, Tim.


How embarrassing.

But the sports-fields-as-points-of-entry aspect isn’t nearly the most asinine and frustrating part of Tim’s argument.

No, that honor belongs to Tim’s outright dismissal of the notion that single points of entry are a solution worth considering at all. It just doesn’t make sense, and that sort of attitude is what will actually prevent more Uvaldes and Parklands and Sandy Hooks.



That right there is the key: media need violence like mass shootings in order to justify their existence, and Democratic politicians need violence like mass shootings in order to fund their existence. It’s sickening and twisted.

There are a number of reasons not to be like Tim, but this is definitely one of them.


Single points of entry and one-way exit doors will not guarantee that there’s never another school shooting, but it’s a realistic partial solution to a very serious problem. Gun control proponents should absolutely support it. It’s just common sense.

Is that what you want, Tim?

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