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Warriors coach Steve Kerr rages at GOP over Uvalde shooting, fails to mention that he successfully fought to get armed police out of schools [video]

Over the past several years, NBA coach Steve Kerr has made quite a name for himself. Not just as a successful basketball coach, but as a gun control activist and self-styled expert on firearms and firearms policy.


So it’s only natural that Kerr would want to weigh in on the deadly mass school shooting yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. And that’s exactly what he did:

Wow. Thanks, Steve Kerr, for that impassioned speech … reminding us why no one should be looking to you for advice when it comes to actual, viable solutions to a very serious, very real problem.

To be fair, though, It’s worth noting that Kerr, in the past, has in fact provided actual policy recommendation to combat gun violence.

Unfortunately, his recommendation would only result in more deadly school shootings:


Kerr was more interested in checking all the woke SJW boxes than he was in protecting vulnerable children:

He joined dozens of Oakland Unified School district parents and students who are calling for the district to dismantle its internal police force.

The district – which is facing a multi-million dollar budget shortfall – currently employs 10 officers. On Wednesday, the district will take up a measure to dissolve the department and replace the force with non-uniformed “peacekeeping ambassadors.”

“You really have to listen to the community in terms of what’s happening and what’s best for the community,” said Kerr.

Activists say the district needs to spend money on hiring more counselors, librarians and teachers.

“That’s what the community is calling for and I’m all in support of that,” Kerr said.

Food for thought from Parkland dad Ryan Petty:

“Woefully unprepared to make policy” is an understatement. Kerr has a lot of words in his arsenal, but his intellectual weapon is jammed.


And he’ll never admit to it.

Way, way, way down.

So can the rest of the NBA, for that matter. Their record on the value of human life is … well, spotty at best:



‘Pathetic’: Steve Kerr deflects questions about human rights in China by reminding reporters there are ‘people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down’ in the U.S.

NBA coach Steve Kerr finds it STUNNING that President Trump would refuse to condemn a vigilante double murderer

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